a skillful teacher and a deep understanding

I first came to know Mr. Johansen during my visit at I.R.K.R.S so-honbu dojo in Brisbane 2009. Since then we have met, studied and trained together several times and have had developed a serious friendship which remains to this day. I can unhesitatingly attest to his character being of the highest caliber, as well as his ethics in regards to matters of both martial arts, business, and those of a personal nature.

Mr. Johansen is a skillful teacher and has a deep understanding of the pedagogical principles to teach martial arts. He is a raw model for future students to follow.

Mats Lilja

Director – S.G.A.K. Swedish Goju Association and Koryukan


Educational, exciting and invigorating

Educational, exciting and invigorating, classes at the Brisbane Koryukan Dojo aren’t to be missed. Sensei Bill has a wealth of knowledge stemmed from his many years of experience in the martial arts community. In the three weeks I spent visiting from Canada, I was able to expand my own knowledge and improve upon my techniques through repetition and careful guidance and instruction. I'm looking forward to visiting again!

Cassandra Chin

Koryu Uchinadi Shodan Mississauga, Canada

Extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the KU syllabus

Renshi Bill is the resident Chief Instructor at the dojo, he is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the KU syllabus, he has a relaxed though focussed approach to working his craft and has a very positive and effective teaching methodology, particularly in functional application of kata, that only enhances the positive experience of training with and learning for the student/participant/learner.

His dedication and attention to detail in all aspects of Koryu Uchinadi, a style of karate that represents a highly functional and methodically systemized way of learning, practicing and teaching the old style fighting arts of Okinawa is; commendable.

Nigel McReaddie


8th Dan Kyoshi

Director, WKKF Kenryukan Karate-jutsu Dojos
Executive Member, World Koshiki Contact  Karatedo Federation, Tokyo Japan