koryukan uchinadi logo


Where you can get fit, learn self defense and grow in a fun, challenging and safe environment. Where the physical aspects of the arts are balanced with the mental discipline and spiritual (not religious) development.

Our logo is a representation of the Japanese concept of Bunburyodo; the twin paths of the sword and pen. Meaning to get the full value of studying the fighting traditions you also need to balance the physical training (sword) with the mental and spiritual (pen). One half of the logo is the tip of a sword and the other is the tip of a calligraphy brush.

We teach Koryu Uchinadi, Aiki Kempo Ju Jutsu, Yamane Ryu Kobudo and Japanese Swordsmanship

Take up the fighting arts

  • make great friends
  • keep fit and lose weight
  • relieve stress and build confidence,
  • improve communication and leadership skills
  • gain effective self-defence
  • focus, motivation, goal setting, challenges and helping others.