Yamane Ryu Kobudo

Foundation of the Mountain Style Weapon Arts

  • Traditional Weapons

    This level of advanced weapons training is ideally suited to those wishing to add to existing fighting skills.
  • Bo/Cudgel

    The bō is a six-foot long tapered staff. It is considered the 'king' of the Okinawa weapons and is the oldest.
  • Eiku / Oar

    The Okinawan oar has a slight point at the tip, curve to one side of the paddle and a roof-like ridge along the other. While not having the reach of the bō, the edges can inflict more penetrating damage and can be used to fling sand at an opponent.
  • Sai /

    The sai is a three-pronged metal truncheon which appears similar to a short sword but it is not bladed and the end is traditionally blunt.
  • Kama / Sickle

    A traditional farming sickle. It is considered one of the hardest weapons to learn.
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Yamane-ryu Kobudo employs swift but powerful circular motion, a distinct pattern of twisting thrusts, vibrant body dynamics and pliable footwork.

Because military weapons were banned in Okinawa, the Okinawans sought to put ordinary agricultural implements to use for self defense. These every day items are now recognised as specialist fighting tools. Contary to popular belief the ban was first introduced by an Okinawan King to stop civil wars developing, not by the Japanese. The Satsuma clan (The Japanese overlords of Okinawa from 1609 to 1883) also taught their farmers and peasants to fight using everyday farming tools. No one knows if the Okinawans influenced the Satsuma or if the Japanese taught the Okinawans or even if the idea was developed by both peoples independently.

The name Yamane Ryu refers to the locale in Samukawa village, Okinawa where it was developed in the late 1800’s by Chinnen Sanda (1846 to 1928) also known as Yammane no Chinnen. It has been passed down though Oshiro Chojo to Kinjo Hiroshi to Patrick McCarthy.

Read more about the history and direct lineage to our Dojo here in Queensland. 


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Foundation of the Mountain Style Weapon Arts