Nihon Kenjutsu

(Japanese Swordmanship)

  • Sword Techniques

    Learn to use a sword safely, using techniques developed for war and battle.
  • Ancient Art

    Techniques passed down through 600 years of history.
  • Practice and Discipline

    Sword drawing, short sword, twin sword and tests cutting. Learn how to actually apply the techniques.
  • Effective

    Feigning, cutting, jabbing, thrusting, parrying or binding, footwork and weapons knowledge used as strategies of warfare.
  • Do or “the Way”

    Enlightenment and heightened awareness, flow from the ability to focus and calm the mind.
  • 1

A contemporary interpretation of Samurai-related arts McCarthy Hanshi studied during his years in Japan

An excellent way to train mind, body and spirit, sword training will make you calmer and better able to deal with stress. Using fighting traditions that date back more than 600 years we will turn you into a competent swordsperson with the ability to discover the warrior within.  

Core Practices:

  • Tachi Jutsu – long sword [9 kata]
  • Kodachi – short sword [3 kata]
  • Ryoto – two swords [4 kata]
  • Iai-jutsu – sword-drawing [11 kata]
  • Tameshigiri – test cutting [4 kata]
  • Bojutsu – 6 foot staff [6 Kata]
  • Naginata Jutsu - Halberd or glaive [4 kata]
  • free-style fighting without protective equipment with bokken [wooden] and metal [non-sharpened] blades.

Suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, Nihon Kenjutsu is an ideal vehicle for those that are interested in following, "The Way of Warrior."

Koto tanto sword