Koryu Uchinadi

Old Style Okinawan Hand

  • Hand To Hand

    Training for unwarranted acts of aggression in the real world. Conditioning for the body, the mind and the spirit.
  • Uchi/Uke-waza

    Giving & receiving percussive impact/blunt force trauma, punching, kicking and blocking.
  • Negotiating the clinch

    Tegumi: Kotekitai, Kakie, Ude Tanren and Muchimi-di, etc.
  • Kansetsu/Tuite-waza

    Joint manipulation, cavity seizing & limb entanglement
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Koryu Uchinadi is about conditioning the body, cultivating the mind and nurturing the sprit.

We help people become fitter, healthier, smarter and happier. We make you move, learn and have fun.


Koryu Uchinadi is based on the Karate of the late 1800’s before sport, ranking and styles. When Karate was only about self-improvement and self-defense. Kata was about memorizing and drilling the defenses you learned and those defenses were simple, brutal and effective.  Modern ideas and tools also influence Koryu Uchinadi. We now have a better understanding of anatomy, physical fitness and better training aids. We use implements like focus mitts, punching bags and kettle bells to improve conditioning and technique.

If you want to learn a complete martial art with grappling, joint locks, throws, punches, kicks, open hand impacting, cavity seizing, clinch, limb entanglement, chokes, takedowns and escapes, Koryu Uchinadi is for you. 

Koryu Uchinadi offers the advanced practitioner a set of tools designed to help them master their art. The beginner will be guided though a system that will help them grow, teach them how to defend themselves and improve their health.

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