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  • Katana

    The world famous Samaurai Sword.
  • Kodachi – Short Sword

    Also known as the Wakizaschi – the second sword worn by the Samaurai.
  • Koto-Tanto

    An ancient small blade with a five hundred year history.
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I have had  the pleasure of training with Renshi Bill Johansen for a number of years and particularly for the last few since he commissioned the IRKRS So-Honbu Dojo in conjunction with his instructor, the legendary Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan.

The Dojo, located in Geebung, Brisbane Queensland is (in my opinion) one of the best  dojo’s in Queensland, if not Australia. With an array of traditional training aids and tools, (makiwara, heavy bags, mirrors, a vast assortment of traditional Asian and European weapons, with a particular emphasis on Okinawan related implements. mats, change rooms, toilet facilities and all the conveniences one would expect in a classical and functional dojo.

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